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Blackburn's and Garrison's Federals

Lieut. Col. Joseph H. Blackburn's Fourth (Union) Regiment of Mounted Infantry, with the exception of Company B, was recruited at Liberty, Carthage, Alexandria, Pulaski, Livingston, Shelbyville, and Nashville from September 1, 1864, to April 22, 1865, to serve one year. Company B was made up of Memphis home guards and was mustered out of service June 1, 1865; the other companies were mustered out August 25, 1865. Colonel Blackburn was appointed lieutenant colonel November 26, 1864, at the age of twenty-two years. Thomas Waters was appointed major February 7, 1865.

Appointments of captains
Norton E. Quinn, October 27, 1864
William L. Hathaway, October 29, 1864
Macadoo Vannata, December 11, 1864
A. C. Card, January 10, 1865
J. P. Patey, February 2, 1865
John Simpson, March 11, 1865
Rufus Dowdy, May 5, 1865
G. W. Gray, June 14, 1865

Appointments of first lieutenants in Blackburn's Regiment
James H. Blackburn, October 27, 1864
James H. (Pet) White, October 29, 1864
Marcellus C. Vick, December 11, 1864
W. B. Overcast, January 10, 1864
H. C. Sanders, February 1, 1865
S. B. Whitelock, February 4, 1865
J. F. Thompson, February 4, 1865
H. T. Smallage, February 28, 1865
C. W. Meeker, June 28, 1865
William J. Stokes, adjutant (son of Colonel Stokes), December 8, 1864

Second Lieutenants
T. G. Bratten, October 27, 1864
Elijah Robinson, October 29, 1864
James Williams, December 9, 1864
R, Wiley, January 11, 1865
James H. Kitching, February 2, 1865
T. H. Berry, February 2, 1865
W. H. Wilhite, April 24, 1865
C. M. Pitts, June 30, 1865
A. J. Miller, July 3, 1865

Those who died among the officer
Capt. George Oakley, July, 1865, of disease
First Lieut. James Oakley, February 4, 1865, of wounds
First Lieut. William McDowell, lost off the steamer Sultana April 27, 1865

Colonel Blackburn was born in Wilson County, near Cottage Home, in 1842, his father having come from North Carolina. He married Miss Jennie Barger, of Liberty, in 1861. His company (A), of Stokes's Regiment, elected him captain at the age of eighteen. As shown, he raised a regiment after resigning from the Fifth Cavalry. He was in quite a number of battles and skirmishes, receiving one wound, probably made by Oscar Woodworth, a Federal, while a battle was on with Morgan's men at Liberty. After the war he was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention at Nashville, but refused to sign the schedule because of the poll tax provision as a qualification for voters. He was also United States marshal for the middle district of the State. Shortly after the war he, with others, created a sensation in Nashville by attacking and wounding Gen. Joseph Wheeler. Colonel Blackburn died in May, 1913.

In Goodspeed's history of the State (biographical section) this statement is made: "Colonel Blackburn was in several battles, the most important of which were Nashville, Chattanooga, Snow's Hill, and Milton. He also cleared of guerrillas White, Putnam, DeKalb, and Jackson Counties by capturing Champe Ferguson, after which even Rebel sympathizers felt more secure. He is said to have been in two hundred and seventeen engagements, in all of which he was successful. He was wounded at Liberty." In the same history it is stated that in 1864 R. B. Blackwell's guerrillas made a raid into Shelbyville, Tenn. The depot was guarded by twelve of Blackburn's troops, who were captured, escorted into the country, and shot. Were these members of Company A? Blackbum's companies were:

Company A Officer
Captain, James Wortham
Lieutenant, C. W. Meeker
Lieutenant, G. W. Gray
Lieutenant, William McDowell
Lieutenant, William Smith
Lieutenant, A. J. Miller
Sergeant, J. S. Ra
Sergeant, W. L. Jackson
Sergeant, J. M. Jarrell
Sergeant, T. V. Jones
Corporal, W. G. Reavis
Corporal, W. W. Harrian
Corporal, J. Williams
Corporal, W C. Dickens
Corporal, J. A. Holcomb
Corporal, J. A. Brooks
Corporal, C. M. Clark
Tom Anderson
J. M. Bearden
W. Blacker
J. A Brooks
R. Brown
N. S. Brownsheres
Berry Bruton
W. C. Dickens
S. J. Cheek
C. M. Clark
W. J. Clark
A. J. Cleck
J. W. Cunningham
E. G. Davis
M. C. Davis
W. Davis
G. B. Dawson
R. M. Dromgoole
R. C. Eaton
Linsley Evins
T. J Fisher
J. H. Griffin
W. J. Gordon
J. N. Gibson
W. W. Harman
J. T. Harris
A. R. Hashaw
J. Hashaw
J. L. Hill
J. A. Holcomb
A. D. Hopkins
A. J. J. Horton
John Hyde
G. Ivy
W. L. Jackson
A. J. Jarrell
J. M. Jarrell
H. J. Johnson
W. H. Johnson
James Jones
John Jones
T V. Jones
W. S. Lacey
G. Little, M.D.
T. J. Little
E. Lockhart
W. McMurry
J. H. Moon
J. P. Mankin
J. C. McMinn
L. Moore
J. C. Matthews
I. Norvill
P. M. Odum
G. Primrose
R. J. Patton
J. F. Ray
W. G. Reavis
C. S. Richard
S. J. Riner
J. A. Rollins
George Ross
J. D. Sanders
W. J. Shaw
I. Shoffner
J. W. Smith
Robert F. Smith
J. B. Summers
H. F. Sutton
H. V. Stahum
James C. Turner
R. F. Tindell
W. W. Tindell
J. W. Tredinger
W. W. Waide
H. P. Watkins
J. H. Webster
P. M. Melton
Joseph A. White
I. Williams
John Williams
V. H. Wright
Berry Bruton
S. J. Cheek
M. C. Davis
James Hashaw
John Hyde
H. J. Johnson
P. I. Melton
George Ross
W. J. Shaw, all at Wells Hill September 28, 1864
R. Baugh, January 10, 1865
M. Bearden, April 7, 1865
R. M. Dromgoole, lost on the steamer Sultana
William McMurry, May 21, 1866

Company B, Officers
First sergeant, J. M. Whitten
Second sergeant, W. T. Hopper
Corporal, E. J. Spencer
Corporal, L. W. Dawson
Corporal, B. F. Parlon
G. W. Anglin
J. Austin
J. Black
M. M. Brison
John Burks
J. M, Chapman
J. R. Chapman
W. Cheek
W. A. Cooper
H. J. Crow
H. T. Forbes
J. Golden
H. Gorman
J. A. Griffin
W. H. Harland
M. P. Henry
R. Holliday
R. Howard
M. L. Inge
D. S. Ingle
A. F. Ingle
T. Johnson
James Keyton
J. Louden
T. Martingale
J. H. Moore
C. Newland
John Pierce
J. Prime
R. J. Rankin
H. Riner
J. A. Robinson
W. W. Robinson
D. D. Sanders
J. Shelton
M. Spencer
J. K. Stone
M. A. Thompson
A. Tibbets
P. Trease
W. W. Whitby
J. W. Whitehorn
N. A. Whitehorn
W. M. Whitehorn
J. Weaver
J. A. Griffin, April 15, 1865
J. Golden, 1865
I. Trotter, May 18, 1865

Company C Officers
Captain, A. C. Card
Lieutenant, W. B. Overcast
Lieutenant, R. Wiley
Sergeant, E. D. Jones
Sergeant, J. E. Austin
Sergeant, W. N. Austin
Sergeant, James Greer
Sergeant, L. T, Larue
Corporal, M. D. Smith
Corporal, W. H. Stephenson
Corporal, J. B. Cherry
Corporal, J. S. Reese
Corporal, Thomas Gore
Corporal, J. S. Gibson
Corporal, W. S. Cavett
Corporal, John Armstrong
Corporal, G. B. Baker
John Armstrong
J. M. Austin
G. B. Baker
J. Barron
W. Baldwin
H. Bledsoe
L. F. Cain
W. S. Cavett
J. B. Cherry
H. Clark
G. W. Clark
W. H. Clark
W. J. Cochran
Peter Cochran
J. E. Cooper
A. Crane
J. O. Cumpie
N. B. Daniel
E. P. Estes
L. C. C. Estes
P. T. Fisher
J. L. Foster
J. E. Fox
J. Freeman
T. G. Gee
J. E. Gibson
F. E. Glasscock
G. Glasscock
J. T. Glasscock
T. H. Grey
J. Hall
W. D. Hill
H. Holmes
T. J. Hopper
J. P. Hoskins
Jonathan Johnson
T. Johnson
W. Johnson
W. H. Kiser
A. Lamb
T. H. Lamb
G. W. Lock
T. F. Logsten
David Lynch
W. G. Lynch
H. L. McConnell
H. E. McGowan
W. Malone
J. W. Mallard
W. Melton
C. Mitchell
H. C. Moore
J. Moore
J. H. Neely
J. M. Orr
C. Overcast
J. W. Prince
A. Perryman
W. R. Posey
J. W. Reed
G. W. Reece
J. S. Reese
J. J. Reeves
S. A Rundle
E. Seatons
A. Shaw
Joab Slawtre
Hiram Smith
I. D. Smith
J. A. Smith
J. G. Smith
J. L. Stallings
W. H. Stephenson
J. Stone
C. Tarwater
Henry Thomas
J. H. Tucker
W. W. Waide
N. Walker
Robert Wiley
S. Williams
W. H. Wright
J. T. Glasscock, January 10, 1865
T. J. Hopper, February 5, 1865
I. D. Smith, Andersonville Prison, March 10, 1865
Henry Thomas, of gunshot wounds in Bedford County

Company D, Officers
Captain, Norton E. Quinn
Lieutenant, J. Henry Blackburn
Lieutenant, T. G. Bratten
Sergeant, W. W. Colwell
Sergeant, J. B. Taylor
Sergeant, D. L. Floyd
Sergeant, J. W. Atwood
Sergeant, N. Hodges
Corporal, J. A. Colwell
Corporal, William Batts
Corporal, John W. Vandergrift
Corporal, W. Lawson
Corporal, N. E. Brandy
Corporal, J. McAlexander
Corporal, William Coffee
Corporal, H. C. Jenkins
G. B. Anderson
P. Atkins
W. Bain
J. A. Barnes
W. A. Barren
A. J. Bennett
J. J. Bennett
W. Benson
W. T. Blackburn
M. Bradley
T. Brennan
W. Bullard
A. Certui
Andrew Chumley
J. C. Clemmons
L. D. Colwell
D. H. Davis
T. Davis
Irving Driver
W. H. Fann
Joe B. Gilbert
O. D. Goodson
T. J. Hale
J. D. Hall
Lawson Hall
T. J. Hays
Thomas Hays
W. L. Hathaway
John Herriman
Sam P. Herriman
Stephen Herriman
J. C. Hiddon
C. W. Hollandsworth
John Hollandsworth
G. M. Jennings
J. L. Jenkins
J. Kenton
J. B. Kyle
Jesse Lafever
C. Lawson
A. H. Leack
M. J. Luck
Bunk Malone
W. A. Morgan
S. B. Morris
C. Mosby
H. P. Pass
C. Peterson
W. Phillips
T. L. Ray
A. Ready
J. W. Reynolds
J. O. Rich
John Robertson
A. Smithland
G. Stevens
J. E. Tedder
A. H. Thomason
H. M. Tuggle
J. Tuggle
George Turner
P. N. Turner
Henry Vandergriff
John Vandergriff
William Vandergriff
Sam Vannata
G. A. Vansell
Thomas Veri
W. Veri
O. D. Williams
M. Wilson
J. F. Yeargin
O. D. Goodson
Cannon County, March 15, 1865, probably by guerrillas
J. M. Jennings, same; W. A. Morgan, battle of Nashville, December 17, 1864
W. Benson, May 10, 1865
Irving Driver, May 10, 1865


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Source: History of DeKalb County, Tennessee. By Will T. Hale, Nashville, Tennessee, Paul Hunter, Publisher, 1915.


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