DeKalb County Cemeteries

This project is in need of volunteers to survey the known cemeteries and to photograph them in a size where those with impaired vision can read the dates and words plainly. Our greatest wish is to get the photos now before the stones are eroded too much.

Cemeteries underlined have a bit of information already on line but more is needed.

A. P. Adcock Cemetery    
Aaron Cantrell Cemetery   Smithville  
Aaron Young Cemetery   Smithville  
Abel Cantrell Cemetery   Keltonburg  
Adamson Cemetery   Gassaway  
Adcock Cemetery   Sligo Bridge  
Adcock Cemetery   Smithville  
Alexander K. Dunham Cemetery   Laurel Hill  
Allen Cemetery   Alexandria  
Allen Cemetery   Sligo Bridge  
Allen Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Allen Cemetery   Dibrell  
Amos Griffith Cemetery   Smithville  
Anderson Cemetery   Johnsons Chapel  
Anthony Pate Cemetery    
Arlee Medley Cemetery   Cherry Hill  
Avant Cemetery   Liberty  
Bain Cemetery   Campaign  
Baker Cemetery   Smithville  
Banks Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery   Short Mountain  
Barnes Cemetery   Gassaway  
Barr Cemetery   Dowelltown  
Bass Cemetery   Dowelltown  
Bates Cemetery   Liberty  
Bennett Cemetery   Gassaway  
Bethel Cemetery
aka Bates Cemetery
  Temperance Hall  
Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery   Blue Springs  
Billings Cemetery   Smithville  
Blackford Cemetery   Smithville  
Blair Cemetery
aka Short Mountain Cemetery
Blew Cemetery   Liberty  
Bluhm Cemetery   Gassaway  
Boatwright Cemetery   Gassaway  
Bomar Cemetery   Alexandria  
Bonham Cemetery   Smithville  
Bowers Cemetery   Alexandria  
Brassell Cemetery   Smithville  
Braswell Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Braswell Cemetery   Gassaway  
Braswell Cemetery   Smithville  
Bratcher Cemetery   Dibrell  
Bright Hill Cemetery   Smithville  
Brown Cemetery   Cherry Hill  
Brown Family Cemetery    
Bud LaFever Cemetery   Cherry Hill  
Burton Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Burton Cemetery   Smithville  
Burton Family Cemetery
aka I. S. Burton Cemetery
  Laurel Hill  
Burton-Ponder Cemetery   Buckner  
C. C. Wright Cemetery    
Cannady Cemetery
aka Kennedy Cemetery
Carlin Cemetery    
Carr Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Carr/Jones/Merritt Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Carter Cemetery   Smithville  
Cathcart Cemetery   Dowelltown  
Chisam Cemetery   Campaign  
Christian Cemetery   Temperance Hall  
Christian-Stokes Cemetery   Temperance Hall  
Civil War Cemetery   Liberty  
Coggin Family Cemetery   Laurel Hill  
Coleman Family Cemetery    
Conger Cemetery   Smithville  
Cope Cemetery   Keltonburg  
Corinth Cemetery   Smithville  
Corley Cemetery   Liberty  
Corley Family Cemetery   Temperance Hall  
Cove Hollow Cemetery   Temperance Hall  
Cripps Cemetery   Liberty  
Cripps Cemetery   Gassaway  
Crook Family Cemetery   Antioch  
Crowley Cemetery   Smithville  
Curtis Cemetery   Alexandria  
Dale Ridge Cemetery   Temperance Hall  
Davenport Family Cemetery    
David Lafayette Hallum Cemetery   Smithville  
Davis Cemetery   Gassaway  
Dedman Cemetery   Helton  
DeKalb Cemetery   Smithville  
DeKalb County Memorial Gardens Cemetery 2700 McMinnville Hwy. Smithville  
Delong Cemetery   Jefferson  
Denny Cemetery   Silver Point  
Dismal Cemetery   Smithville  
Dowell Cemetery   Alexandria  
Dowelltown Cemetery   Dowelltown  
Driver Cemetery   Liberty  
Dunham Cemetery   Keltonburg  
Durham Cemetery   Keltonburg  
Dyer Cemetery    
Eastview African American Cemetery
aka Seay's Chapel Cemetery
Eastview Cemetery
aka Alexandria Eastview Cemetery
Eaton Cemetery   Liberty  
Edward Robinson Cemetery    
Ervin Family Cemetery   Alexandria  
Estes Cemetery   Liberty  
Estes Cemetery   Smithville  
Exum Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Farmer Cemetery   Liberty  
Felts Cemetery    
Ferrell Cemetery   Pea Ridge  
Ferrell Cemetery   Smithville  
Fish Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Fisher Cemetery    
Fite Cemetery    
Ford Cemetery    
Foutch Cemetery   Liberty  
Frazier Family Cemetery   Dowelltown  
Fuller's Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery   Liberty  
Fuson - George Cemetery   Gassaway  
Fuston Cemetery   Smithville  
Gard Family Cemetery   Smithville  
Garner Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Garrison Cemetery   Liberty  
George - Estes Cemetery   Sligo Bridge  
George Cemetery    
Gibbs Cemetery    
Gill Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Givan Cemetery   Liberty  
Glenn Cemetery    
Goff Cemetery   Silver Point  
Goodson Cemetery    
Gragson Cemetery   Temperance Hill  
Gray Cemetery   Dowelltown  
Griffin Cemetery   Campaign  
Griffith Cemetery    
Groom Cemetery   Liberty  
Groom Cemetery   Auburntown  
Hale Cemetery   Gassaway  
Hall Cemetery   Snows Hill  
Hallum Cemetery    
Hayes Cemetery   Liberty  
Helton Cemetery   Helton  
Hendrix Cemetery   Smithville  
Hendrixson Cemetery    
Henry Frazier Cemetery   Dowelltown  
Herald Cemetery    
Herrin Cemetery    
Hicks Cemetery   Alexandria  
Hicks Cemetery   Gassaway  
Highland Memorial Cemetery   Alexandria  
Hillview Cemetery
aka Hillview Memorial Cemetery
Avant Avenue Alexandria  
Hollis Cemetery   Alexandria  
Huddleston Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Hudson Cemetery    
Hullett Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Indian Mound Cemetery    
Isaac Denton Cantrell Cemetery   Smithville  
Irving Cemetery    
Jackson Cantrell Cemetery   Smithville  
Jaco Cemetery   Sligo Bridge  
Jaco Judkins Cemetery    
Jacobs Pillar Cemetery   Smithville  
James Cemetery   Smithville  
James Pullum Cemetery   Laurel Hill  
Javis Cantrell Cemetery   Keltonburg  
Jefferson Cemetery    
Jim Young Cemetery   Smithville  
Joe C. Oakley Cemetery   Helton  
John Curtis Cemetery   Snows Hill  
John Linder Cemetery
aka Lander Cemetery
Johnson Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Johnson Cemetery   Liberty  
Johnsons Chapel Cemetery   Smithville  
Jonathan Griffith Cemetery   Liberty  
Jones Cemetery   Liberty  
Jones Cemetery   Alexandria  
Joseph M. LaFever Cemetery    
Keith Cemetery   Smithville  
Keltonburg Cemetery   Keltonburg  
Kenner Cemetery    
Kerr Cemetery    
Koger Cemetery    
Lafever Family Cemetery   Cherry Hil  
Lamberson Cemetery    
Laurel Hill Cemetery   Sligo Bridge  
Lawrence Cemetery   Liberty  
League Cemetery   Smithville  
League Chapel Cemetery   Silver Point  
Len Cantrell Cemetery   Belk  
Lev Curtis Cemetery   Dowelltown  
Linder-Hodges Family Circle Cemetery   Smithville  
Lockhart Cemetery   Smithville  
Love Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Love Cemetery   Sligo Bridge  
Lyles Cemetery    
Malone Cemetery   Dowelltown  
Malone Cemetery   Temperance Hall  
Malone Cemetery   Liberty  
Martin Cemetery   Dibrell  
Martin Cemetery   Smithville  
Martin-Alexander Cemetery    
Mason Cemetery   Keltonburg  
Mathis Cemetery   Gassaway  
Mattie Keith Cemetery   Smithville  
Maynard Cemetery    
McGinnis Cemetery    
McGuire Cemetery   Smithville  
Medley Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Merritt Cemetery   Laurel Hill  
Minnear Family Cemetery   Smithville  
Mitchell Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Mocassin Bluff Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Mollie League Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Monroe Griffith Cemetery   Smithville  
Morris Family Cemetery   Smithville  
Morgan Cemetery    
Moses Allen Cemetery   Liberty  
Moses Griffith Cemetery   Liberty  
Moss Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Mount Holly Cemetery   Smithville  
Mount Moriah Baptist Church Cemetery   Pea Ridge  
Mount Moriah Cemetery    
Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery   Liberty  
Nancy Elizabeth Love Cantrell Cemetery   Smithville  
Neal Cemetery   Alexandria  
New Bildad Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
aka Bildad Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery   Liberty  
New Union Baptist Church Cemetery   Campaign  
Nixon Cemetery    
O'Conner Family Cemetery    
Oakley Cemetery   Temperance Hall  
Obe Colvert & Carson Ervin Cemetery    
Old Bildad Cemetery   Keltonburg  
Old Corley Cemetery   Liberty  
Old Fisher Cemetery    
Old Martin Cemetery    
Overall Cemetery   Liberty  
Pack Cemetery    
Page Cemetery   Smithville  
Paige Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Palmer Cemetery    
Parrish Cemetery    
Parsley Family Cemetery   Smithville  
Pat Cantrell Cemetery   Keltonburg  
Pea Ridge Cemetery   Pea Ridge  
Pedigo-Summers Cemetery   Silver Point  
Petty Cemetery   Sligo Bridge  
Peyton Griffith Cemetery    
Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery   Smithville  
Pisgah Methodist Church Cemetery   Pisgah  
Pistole Cemetery   Temperance Hall  
Pleasant & Arena Barrett Pistole Cemetery   Liberty  
Plunkett Cemetery    
Poor House Cemetery   Smithville  
Potter Cemetery   Keltonburg  
Precious Memories Cemetery    
Preston Cemetery    
Puckett Cemetery   Young Bend  
Puckett Cemetery    
Rankhorn Cemetery    
Ray Cemetery   Belk  
Redmon Cemetery    
Reynolds Cemetery   Temperance Hall  
Richard N. & Anna Pistole Mathis Cemetery   Liberty  
Rigsby Cemetery   Smithville  
Roan Page Cemetery   Dowelltown  
Robert Walker Cemetery   Antioch  
Robinson Cemetery   Liberty  
Robinson Hill Cemetery    
Rose Cemetery   Temperance Hall  
Rowland Cemetery    
Salem Baptist Church Cemetery
aka Liberty Cemetery
Sam Ford Cemetery   Jefferson  
Sam Snow Cemetery   Smithville  
Samuel Houston Smith Family Cemetery   Laurel Hill  
Sanders Cemetery   Belk  
Sandlin Cemetery    
Scott Cemetery   Liberty  
Sellars Cemetery    
Sexton Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Shaw Cemetery   Sligo Bridge  
Smith Cemetery   Smithville  
Smithson Cemetery   Gassaway  
Smithville Town Cemetery   Smithville  
Snow Cemetery   Smithville  
Snow Hill Baptist Church Cemetery   Smithville  
Snow Hill Methodist Cemetery   Snows Hill  
Stacy Cemetery    
Starnes Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Steele Cemetery   Johnsons Chapel  
Stokes Cemetery   Liberty  
Sykes Cemetery   Liberty  
Taylor Cemetery   Center Hill Dam  
Taylors Providence Cemetery   Smithville  
Thomas Cemetery   Pea Ridge  
Thomas Driver Cemetery   Liberty  
Tilman Potter Cemetery   Smithville  
Tittsworth Cemetery   Smithville  
Tompkins Cemetery   Sligo Bridge  
Tramel Cemetery    
Trapp Cemetery    
Troy Cripps Cemetery   Pea Ridge  
Tubb Cemetery
aka Temperance Hall Cemetery
  Temperance Hall  
Tubb Cemetery   Helton  
Tubb Cemetery   Liberty  
Turner Cemetery    
Turney Family Farm Cemetery   Smithville  
Vanatta Cemetery   Alexandria  
Vandypool Cemetery    
Vantrese Cemetery    
Vaughn Cemetery   Smithville  
Vickers Cemetery   Gassaway  
Walker Cemetery   Campaign  
Walker's Chapel Church Cemetery   Silver Point  
Ward Cemetery   Dibrell  
Washer Cemetery   Temperance Hall  
Watson Cemetery    
Webb Cemetery   Keltonburg  
West Cemetery   Alexandria  
White Cemetery   Campaign  
Whiteley Cemetery   Smithville  
Whorton Springs Cemetery   Smithville  
William Adcock Cemetery    
William Robinson Cemetery   Alexandria  
Williams Cemetery   Smithbille  
Williams Family Cemetery   Temperance Hall  
Willoughby Cemetery   Liberty  
Winnard Cemetery    
Woods Cemetery   Keltonburg  
Wright Cemetery   Smithville  
Wright Cemetery   Campaign  
Yeargin Cemetery    
Young Bend Cemetery
aka Mount View Cemetery
  Sligo Bridge  
Young Cemetery   Smithville  
Young Cemetery   Keltonburg  
Zenith Cripps Cemetery   Gassaway  

One name or photograph or two, fifty, one hundred, etc. We would love to have your input and help and I am sure many, many people researching their families will appreciate you too. Got a story or history of a cemetery? Send it along and we will post it too. The information, as always, belongs to you and you can have it pulled from the site if you should want to, we just hope you don't want to.



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